Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Relic

PROMPT: Find an interesting picture of an object--one that you took, or one that you discovered. Look at that object 2 different ways (modified from the prompt my friend, Betty wrote about yesterday).

Picture: I snapped this photo in London during the summer of 2009. It has been years since I saw an actual phone booth, and I could not help but to stop and to stare and to snap.


My stuttering soles stumble on stones
Step by step, springing past the iron bars
Striping my view of freedom
Shadows trail me--
Morphing as I move
The ruddy outline of an object shines
A refuge in the distance
Growing brighter, the cardinal hued box
Greets me with a choice--
I stop
I pull
Secure--I sink
Uncoil the cord,
Press the raised keys,
And wait.


From here,
I can watch--undisturbed--
I can observe nature's paintbrush disperse chlorophyll
And memorize the escape of every loose stone
I can inspect clumps of excess paint on the posts beside me,
And follow branches as they tumble from the blanket above
From here, I can watch the world shift
Gazing through the filmed windows,
Smudged with old particles of bad breath
And tarnished with filth,
I study Amorphous figures stumbling by,
Squinting to define them,
They fail to notice me.
Tripping texters, absorbed in conversation
Just a few years before,
I bustled with attention
Now, I am a relic
An antiquated garnish
A statue commemorating the past
The perfect hiding spot
For children raised without me.

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  1. Nice job! The first is really really fun to read. I love all the alliteration. The 'S' sounds in the first four lines made my tongue do a little dance :)