Thursday, March 15, 2012


I salivate at the thought of positive energy. I want it, I crave it, I relish it. Like bumble bees prodding at partially dried syrup, jolts of optimism inspire me to hover, and make me want to buzz.

Right about now, the buzzing is on overload. In a little over 24 hours, I will be holding my first niece and nephew in my arms. I will get to see their magical personalities and hear their tiny, little voices as they strain to find a means for communication. I will get to look into their perfect little eyes and imagine all of the adventures that await them. I will get to imagine who they might become and all they might want to say.

I will get to disappear for a while and remember how brilliant life really is.

And I absolutely, positively cannot wait.


  1. That is so exciting Laura -- congrats to your entire family. Enjoy it! My nephews are the delight of my life.

  2. That is so exciting! My nephews are why I live in Montana again and I think they are the best. Being an auntie really is the best!! Congrats! Is this your brother or Jared's?

    1. Jared's. :) No kiddos for my brother yet.